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The Railway Inn

The brief for this project was to revamp this former railway worker's cottage and holiday let, to create a unique, one-of-a-kind home that would stand out from other BnB listings in the area. While making a bold statement, the client was keen for the design to compliment the age of the building and for elements with an industrial feel to be incorporated to tie in with his collection of local historical railway artifacts.

I sourced replica period features to replace the originals that had been removed over the years and scoured online auction sites to find photos of the building and nearby railway station (now demolished). These were displayed on the walls of the master bedroom alongside a historical railway map, showing the former branch line that used to run behind the property.

The design also included several furniture upcycles, including an antique Singer sewing machine, transformed into a desk/dressing table.

The master bedroom is phase 1 of this project, which will eventually see the whole property transformed over a number of stages. Photos of the completed rooms to follow.

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