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Sustainability is a priority here at Hannah Drakeford Design and I am continuously innovating to make my production process as efficient as possible, reducing waste and keeping the materials needed to make my products to an absolute minimum.

I don't want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes though, whenever goods are made, there is always an associated carbon footprint and cement, along with the other raw materials used for the production of homewares is quarried and processed and there are a number of issues associated with this.

One advantage of using cement over other substrates however is that it air-dries and doesn't need to be fired. It's also harder to break than ceramic or terracotta and should therefore have a longer lifespan.

All the paints and lacquers I use are low-VOC and all the materials I use to ship your orders in are recyclable (apart from the shipping labels, but I'm working on that!) Even the packing peanuts dissolve in water.

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